Virtual events will not end when the Pandemic is over!

We were asked this week, what are we going to do when the Global Pandemic is over and life goes back to normal? Well, we think virtual events are here to stay and will continue to give choice and options to delegates as to how they want to consume event content.  Yes, we will go back to the personal  interaction of Physical events –  But a new format of eventing has been born called ‘THE HYBRID EVENT’ – Yes you can do both a physical event for those who want to have the physical connection and live streaming of the content for those who have become accustomed to and want to continue to attend your events physically… but realistically, this could be a while, as organisations are avoiding physical events to minimise the risk on the negavite impact their physical event could have on their brand should their function be taged a ‘Super Spreader event” Long live a safe virtual conference experience that mimics the physical environment in every way! Contact us to find out how or go to to experience it for yourself!


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